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QWA-RU-BA - Derived from an Aboriginal Australian word which means beautiful and good.
ESTABLISHED IN 1987 - Qwaruba introduced an innovative line of sheepskin footwear in 1987. You have never heard of us? Well that may be because we have made private label sheepskin slippers for many high end retailers, outdoor adventure retailers, warehouse retailers and large sheepskin and leather specialties retailers.
FOOTWEAR SPECIALIST - Qwaruba is a family run comfort footwear company. We specialize in producing superior, functional and finely crafted footwear.
PREMIUM MATERIALS - Qwaruba sources premium world-renowned Australian Merino sheepskin which is known for its soft, dense wool. Sheepskin is a natural, breathable material. It insulates and wicks moisture away from your skin, keeping you comfortable year round. As a by product of the food and wool industry, the use of sheepskin does not threaten any species.By using sheepskin we are recycling this valuable natural resource.
Unlike firmer grain leathers, sheepskin is a soft and pliable material. This makes sheepskin extremely comfortable to wear. Sheepskin is susceptible to scarring and marks caused by the ever changing Australian terrain that makes up the animal's natural environment. Differences in the texture and color of the skin and wool are also common. These natural variations make each skin uniquely different and guarantee that you are wearing a genuine sheepskin article. In no way do these variations affect warmth, comfort or durability.
FIT - Try Qwaruba footwear on while standing up, making sure your big toe does not protrude. Wear with or without socks. The fit should start out snug, but still be comfortable. With wear, the wool will settle and the upper will stretch slightly as it molds to the shape of your foot.
CARE - You can apply a water repellent to your sheepskin footwear. Please be aware this may darken the skin. It is best to use a suede cleaner to clean your sheepskin footwear. If you must wash your slippers, you can gently hand wash using cold water and a mild detergent. Stuff some clean rags or towels into the toes so the slippers will keep their shape and place the slippers away from any direct heat source and out of direct sunlight. Depending on where you live, the slippers may tak a few days to completely dry.

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