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sheepskin slippers

About Outpost

Outpost Sheepskin Specialties is a family run retail and commerce business. Originally purchased in 1972 by Jim and Anita Wall. Jim, an electrical engineer by trade, had had enough of the city life and packed the family up and moved to the hills of Western Massachusetts. The Wall's purchased a small souvenir shop on the Mohawk Trail in Shelburne, Mass.

Jim and Anita realized the business climate was changing by the end of the 70's. The small store was re-born as a sheepskin and leather specialty store. With the addition of Qwaruba Sheepskin Slippers we quickly became a yearly destination for many from all over New England. Many skiers, hunters, boaters, campers and leaf peepers made Outpost a yearly "must visit". We can now claim to be the Qwaruba Sheepskin Slippers Oldest and Largest Independent Retailer!

With the retirement of Jim and Anita, the retail operation was passed on to their sons, Lawrence and Steven.

Outpost has continued to offer the lowest priced Qwaruba Sheepskin Slippers and affordable leather products at our Mohawk Trail store. We continue to build our e-commerce business and now, because of the volume of slippers and leather goods that we sell, we can offer better pricing than the big corporate retail businesses.

Please feel free to visit us at 1385 Mohawk Trail, Shelburne Falls, MA.